About me

I taught myself to write HTML & CSS when I was a kid so that I could build websites about my virtual ‘dogz’, but I never considered a career in tech.

It took me a long time to realise that I actually could learn to write code for a living. I eventually found my way to completing a 12 week web development bootcamp at General Assembly.

Since then I’ve found myself being inspired my minimalist and quirky designs that prioritise accessibility, and I love working within a highly creative team who value openness and collaboration.

I’ve been working at Finder, Australia’s largest comparison website since June 2018. Originally as a Junior Front-End Web Developer, and later being promoted to Engineer. At work I’m an active member of an engineering diversity working group, I champion our teams Tech Blog, and my team took out two awards in 2019 at an internal hackathon for a project focused on improving the accessibility of the website (just the very tip of the iceberg, and my main passion in tech).

I also volunteer with the meetup group Men Championing Change, and am very passionate about changing stereotypes around careers in technology.

Portrait of Taryn wearing a t-shirt that reads "deploys b4 boyz" Taryn facing away showing the back of her jacket that reads "git it, gurl"

Currently working on

My first 6 months at Finder were spent on site performance before I moved to the Navigation & Templating (now Design Ops) team, where I’ve been working on improving the look and user experience of our website.

Until mid 2019 most of my focus had been on CSS and PHP (working on WordPress templates), and have since been working a bit more with JavaScript. As a team we’ve refreshed the navigation, page templates, side bar and more, giving the whole site a fresh new look. My main priority personally is to improve the accessibility of the site.

Currently learning

Currently my focus is on improving my JavaScript skills and knowledge on web accessibility. I’m currently completing a Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility.


I regularly speak to software engineering students at General Assembly about CSS, but in 2019 also did two public lighting talks.

Taryn presenting at SydCSS Taryn presenting at SydCSS, image showing her computer and the audience

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