About me

  • 2000: Taught myself to write HTML and CSS so I could build geocities sites about my virtual ‘dogz’ 🐶
  • February 2018: Finally realised I could learn how to code for real, quit my candy making career and started a 12 week web development bootcamp at General Assembly 🍬
  • June 2018: Started as a Junior Front-End Web Developer at Finder 👩🏻‍💻
  • September 2019: Promoted to Engineer 🎉
  • August 2020: Joined the Editor Fundamentals team at Atlassian 🥳
Taryn sitting in her home officeTaryn speaking at SydCSS

Things I’ve worked on

  • [Finder] Design Ops: as a team we refreshed the navigation, page templates, side bar and more, giving the whole site a fresh new look and improved user experience. The page templates we created and rolled out across the site reduced bounce rate by ~25%.
  • [Finder] Gutenberg CMS: building ‘blocks’ (components) for the new WordPress editor, using a hybrid renderer that renders Wordpress content in a Next.JS front-end.
  • [Finder] Engineering diversity working group.
  • [Finder] Tech Blog.
  • [Finder] Web accessibility learning breaks.
  • [Finder] Helped propose and implement web accessibility standards.
  • Volunteer with the meetup group Men Championing Change.
Taryn speaking at SydCSSTaryn speaking at SydCSS


I regularly speak to software engineering students at General Assembly about CSS, but occasionally speak at meetups too.

Taryn at her desk with her big fluffy dog begging for treatsTaryn at her desk giving her big fluffy dog a treat

When I'm not at a computer

You'll usually find me going on walks with Lexi the Samoyed dog, exploring our local area and Sydney beaches. 🐶

Like most millenials, I have an ever increasing obsession with indoor plants and need to be held back from the Bunnings plant section. 🌱

I still bake on occasion and am trying to make #DevCakes a thing. 🎂

I'm also a bit of a bookworm, trying to mix up my reading list of my favourite fiction novels with technical and career development books. 📚